Bring on the Blessings

Bring on the Blessings On Bernadine Brown s fifty second birthday she received an unexpected gift she caught her husband Leo cheating with his secretary She was hurt angry too but she didn t cry woe is me Nope she hired

  • Title: Bring on the Blessings
  • Author: Beverly Jenkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On Bernadine Brown s fifty second birthday she received an unexpected gift she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary She was hurt angry, too but she didn t cry woe is me Nope, she hired herself a top notch lawyer and ended up with a cool 275 million Having been raised in the church, she knew that when much is given much is expected, so she asked God to sOn Bernadine Brown s fifty second birthday she received an unexpected gift she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary She was hurt angry, too but she didn t cry woe is me Nope, she hired herself a top notch lawyer and ended up with a cool 275 million Having been raised in the church, she knew that when much is given much is expected, so she asked God to send her a purpose.The purpose turned out to be a town Henry Adams, Kansas, one of the last surviving townships founded by freed slaves after the Civil War The failing town had put itself up for sale on the Internet, so Bernadine bought it Trent July is the mayor, and watching the town of his birth slide into debt and foreclosure is about the hardest thing he s ever done When the buyer comes to town, he s impressed by her vision, strength, and the hope she wants to offer not only to the town and its few remaining residents, but to a handful of kids in desperate need of a second chance Not everyone in town wants to get on board though they don t want change But Bernadine and Trent, along with his first love, Lily Fontaine, are determined to preserve the town s legacy while ushering in a new era with ties to its unique past and its promising future.

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      Beverly Jenkins is the recipient of the 2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the 2016 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for historical romance She has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award in Literature and was featured both in the documentary Love Between the Covers and on CBS Sunday Morning Since the publication of Night Song in 1994, she has been leading the charge for multicultural romance, and has been a constant darling of reviewers, fans, and her peers alike, garnering accolades for her work from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Salon, and NPR If you would like to be notified when Beverly has a new release, you can sign up for her newsletter at beverlyjenkins.

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    1. Well, I do have to admit that at first I had a hard time putting this book down. It's because I am a social worker and I was really excited to see how the author managed the characters she'd created. Then I had a hard time putting it down because I just couldn't believe that the book wasn't getting good anywhere. The elements were all there: Millionare divorcee buys a historical african-american community to revamp it and use it as a treatment site for especially troubled foster kids. What's not [...]

    2. I was hoping to like this book more than I actually did. Woman catches husband cheating on her & wins big in the divorce settlement. She buys a failing midwestern town and populates it with foster children and their new foster parents. The premise was good, but overall, it was a big letdown. While I liked all the characters, every single one of them was one dimensional and I eventually lost interest in all of them. Every troublesome situation encountered throughout the book was quickly and e [...]

    3. I really liked this character why? because she didn't go off on her husband, just got the goods on him, calmly and took him to court and got what she was entitled to. After travelling, she decided to settle down and buy a town in disrepair as well as bring children who have been in foster care and bring them into the town after reading about a similar situation in Illinois. Of course, the folks are expecting a white woman to come, but after seeing a sister, they warm up to her a bit, and then ju [...]

    4. Beverly Jenkins, best known for steamy African American historical romances, goes contemporary with this sweet,life-affirming story. Wealthy black divorcee Bernadine Brown hears 2 news story that awaken her philanthropic impulses: a historic African American town in Kansas is about to go bankrupt, and a clutch of hard luck foster children are in desperate need of homes. Deciding to rescue 2 birds with one trust fund, Bernadine buys the town, rebuilds it, and then imports 5 hand-picked foster kid [...]

    5. Loved this book! The whole time I was reading it I could see it playing out like a Hallmark or Lifetime movie! Looking forward to the sequel!

    6. Truly enjoyed this book and all of the characters involved. Can't wait to continue reading the rest of the series.

    7. It's hard to say you didn't like a book with such an inspiring premise, but I just could not get into this book. I picked it up on free Friday for my Nook, hoping that it would give me the chance to read something I might otherwise pass by yet ultimately find enjoyable. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those books.The story itself is inspiring. A woman walks in on her husband with the secretary, divorces him, gets millions, and decides to buy a historical town in which to raise troubled foster [...]

    8. Maybe 2.5 stars? This was the March selection for my bookclub. Bernadine is a 52 year old woman who divorces her husband after catching him cheating. The divorces leaves her very wealthy. She buys a struggling historical African American town in Kansas and decides to use the town to rescue some difficult foster kids.Premise seemed interesting enough but the book was way too light for the subject matter it was trying to address. The few problems that arose were too easily solved with Bernadine's [...]

    9. I’ve been stuck in the paranormal romance genre for awhile, so it was nice to read about regular humans falling in love and doing extraordinary things. I somehow read Bring on the Blessings without realizing it was part of a series until my book club discussion. Thus, I can confirm the story is very self-contained and open to pick up future books at your leisure. I’d recommend this book if you’re looking for a funny, light read about unexpected events in a small town. And if you haven’t [...]

    10. Excellent novel.This is my first read by author Beverly Jenkins. I have had this downloaded on my Kindle for at least 2 years, and I hate that it took me this long to actually read it. I am currently looking at what other titles I can delve into of Ms. Jenkins, and fervently adding them to my TBR list.Bernadine Brown, having recently been awarded a cool $275 million in a divorce settlement, asked God for direction over life. She knows that to whom much is given, much is required, so she takes he [...]

    11. I loved this book!As I have stated, I have a Beverly Jenkins addiction that I do not want to overcome. However, this book wasn't just great because of said addiction. The story formula is totally different than her historical romances.Bring on the Blessings is about Bernadine Brown, who pretty much becomes stinking rich after she divorces her lying cheating husband of 30 years. That is what people mean when they say channel your anger. After seeing the world, she decides she wants to do good wit [...]

    12. Author: Beverly JenkinsPublished by: William Morrow Paperbacks Age Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena DeanSeries # 1Rating: 5Review:"Bring on the Blessings" by Beverly Jenkins was very uplighting and engaging that turned out to be a quick, easy read. You will be presented with a vaiety of emotions from laughing and even tearing up somewhat as I read though this novel. I found "Bring on the Blessings" a moving novel about Bernadine Brown, who was a divorcee that became a multi-millionaire due [...]

    13. After coming into a large amount of money - $275 million dollars, to be exact - Bernadine Edwards Brown wanted to do something good. She found out about Henry Adams, Kansas, a town with boarded up and abandoned storefronts sliding into debt and foreclosure, and she bought it so she could rebuild it. There are lots of things a person could do with millions of dollars and Bernadine chose to help others. I applaud her; especially because she reached out to foster children in need of love and safe h [...]

    14. What would you do with 275 million dollars? That was the question Bernadine Brown had to answer after divorcing her husband of thirty plus years. After asking God to send her a purpose for this money, she purchases the small, historical, black town of Henry Adams, Kansas. Henry Adams was founded by freed slaves in the 1880's and was financially depleted. It's current mayor, Trent July, placed the town on E-bay, hoping for a financial save. Enters Bernadine Brown. Not only does Bernadine want to [...]

    15. A feel good, warm hearted story. 3.5 stars (could be 4.waiting to see how the second is)I won the 3rd, in this series as a First Reads giveaway, and decided I needed to read the first and second books first.I really enjoyed it, although I did have a couple of small issues(Not necessarily spoilers, but my thoughts on parts of the book)Sometimes I felt like Bernadine was flaunting all that moneyFor instanceis excerpt irritated me“Yep, and my parents didn’t have the money to buy fancy stuff lik [...]

    16. After Bernadine's divorce settlement, she is a rich woman. But she wants to do something with that money besides sit back and count it all. She decides to use it to help others. So she buys a whole town on the internet and starts setting it up as a community that will help foster children.The children arrive, and what a mixed lot they are. One is a chronic runaway; one is a serial car thief, one just burned down his foster mother's house, plus two more little ones with their full share of troubl [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book, so I give it a 3.5 rating, which is low for me with a Beverly Jenkins book. I was disappointed with the references to the bible that were incorrect. I think. Maybe my bible is wrong? This series is inspirationally themed with blessing from above so that was unexpected and hard to ignore. It is a library e-book and when I checked to see what book was next in the series, I accidentally ordered it also, without realizing it. I lost 4 days of my 2 week loan, so I'm reading book [...]

    18. I loved this book so much. Being a foster mom it really hit home with me. This is not a traditional romance novel it is more inspirational than anything else. I really loved that this book brings me back to Henry Adams and the descendants of my favorite characters from other books. The background stories for each of the foster children is so moving. There is the teenage girl to old for her own good. Selling her body to make it on the streets. The car thief, left behind and the best car thief in [...]

    19. Beverly Jenkins does it again! I absolutely am fascinated by how she weaves black history into her stories. I also love that the backs of her books include articles, books, resources, and the story of how her stories came to be. Now, with the way this ended, I definitely have to read all of the Blessings books. If you want to know what the book is about read the summary. All I will tell you is that it is MORE than worth the read!

    20. Great Book!!This story takes you on the journey the revolves around a woman that is grateful for her blessings, named the end a marriage that stifled her blooming in the area of helping children and the windfall that resulted. Bernadine E. Brown started another book of life determined to bring dreams she dispensed with during her marriage by sharing her blessings with them with others, named five children whom needed homes, family, direction and love.She does this while saving a financially star [...]

    21. This is a great book. It's a story of second chances. When Bernadine Brown divorced her philandering husband she became a very rich millionaire many times over. While reading the paper she saw a story of a town that joined retired people with children who had no parents. She later read another story of a town that was for sale. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for Bernadine, children in foster care, and a dying town. A brief synopsis is given for each child involved in this story. It [...]

    22. Henry Adams, Kansas is a small town settled by freed slaves after the Civil War and it's a community on its last leg. In desperation, the mayor puts the township up for sale on eBay. Bernadine Brown has just received $ 275 million in a divorce settlement and does what any other woman in her right mind would do, she buys a town! Bernadine's dream is to rebuild the town and create a haven for foster children needing families. While most of the town residents warm to the idea, there are a few disgr [...]

    23. A lot of blessings flowing in this community filled with love. Easily fell in love with the charaters.

    24. This is a "feel good" book, first of the Blessings Series. Bernadine Brown, a wealthy black woman, buys herself a struggling all-black town in Kansason eBay. In restoring the town, she also builds homes for foster children.The book is full of interesting characters, many senior citizens who have a long history in the town of Henry Adams, and some not-so-old who have returned to share the legacy with the children Bernadine brings in to foster. Good people, bad people and even a 500 pound pet hog. [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book where a very wealthy Bernadine Brown buys a town (Henry Adams, Kansas; Ms. Jenkins historical novels also take place here), builds a small neighborhood, and matches up foster children with foster parents. It's a very positive view on how the world could be changed, and how a small town can welcome new families who are new to each other also.This was a perfect bedtime read for me--it's nice to go to sleep thinking of blessings.

    26. Bring On The Blessing, the first book in this series. I read them out of order buy they were great all the same. Loved the children Crystal, Amari, Devon (Creflo), Zoey and Preston. Amari and Crystal were some cussing children.Fell in love Malachi.Waiting for the next book in the series.Now I am reading Before The Dawn. I read this book in March 2002 and don't remember anything about the book. But I am loving it thus far.

    27. Sweet story of a woman who gets alot lot of money in her divorce and uses it to do some good. She buys a failing town, brings in foster children and foster parents and changes several lives for the better. The children were a kick, especially 11 year old car thief Amari. It was nice to read an uplifting story that made you say ooooh nice when finished.

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