Peter the Great: His Life and World

Peter the Great His Life and World reprint of Robert K Massie s classic by the History Book Club as part of the Warrior Kings series

  • Title: Peter the Great: His Life and World
  • Author: Robert K. Massie
  • ISBN: 9780965067935
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1999 reprint of Robert K Massie s 1980 classic by the History Book Club as part of the Warrior Kings series.

    • Unlimited [Self Help Book] ☆ Peter the Great: His Life and World - by Robert K. Massie ¹
      273 Robert K. Massie
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    About "Robert K. Massie"

    1. Robert K. Massie

      Robert Kinloch Massie born 1929 is an American historian, writer, winner of a Pulitzer Prize, and a Rhodes Scholar.Born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1929, Massie spent much of his youth in Nashville, Tennessee and currently resides in Westchester County, New York in the village of Irvington He studied American history at Yale University and modern European history at Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship Massie went to work as a journalist for Newsweek from 1959 to 1964 and then took a position at the Saturday Evening Post.After he and his family left America for France, Massie wrote and published his breakthrough book, Nicholas and Alexandra, a biography of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra of Hesse, and their family and cultural political milieu Massie s interest in the Tsar s family was triggered by the birth of his son, the Rev Robert Kinloch Massie, who suffers from hemophilia, a hereditary disease that also afflicted the last Tsar s son, Alexei In 1971, the book was the basis of an Academy Award winning film of the same title In 1995, in his book The Romanovs The Final Chapter, Massie updated Nicholas and Alexandra with much newly discovered information.In 1975, Robert Massie and his then wife Suzanne chronicled their experiences as the parents of a hemophiliac child and the significant differences between the American and French health care systems in their jointly written book, Journey.Massie won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Peter the Great His Life and World This book inspired a 1986 NBC mini series that won three Emmy Awards, Peter the Great TV Series and starred Maximilian Schell, Laurence Olivier and Vanessa Redgrave.

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    1. This lengthy biography of Russian Tsar Peter the Great is thoroughly entertaining with all the strengths and weaknesses of a blockbuster. No prior knowledge of the period required.Maybe because it is a biography it doesn't give much attention to the extent of the terror and suffering caused by the massive mobilisation and movements of population caused by his military and civil policies (Anisimov's book The Reforms of Peter the Great Progress Through Coercion in Russia is great on this even if t [...]

    2. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book. (hide spoiler)]

    3. If you complain about today, you should read about then. You were considered a bitch if you ate with a fork, just for starters. Men might prefer to live back then cause they inherited a whip from their father in-law to whip their spouses when they got out of line. The only person I know today that practices this form of discipline is Snoop Dogg (You gots to control your ho!). Peter was great for many reasons. The russians in this day were like the geico cavemen of their time. Peter was the first [...]

    4. If you read just one book on Peter the Great, this should be it. If you read two books on Peter the Great, let me know how the other one turns out (just kidding, there are probably other good books on Peter the Great, but none likely as well written as this one). This book succeeds not just because it deals with a fascinating person in a time where the landscape of the world was ever changing, but it succeeds because the author, Robert Massie, is a fantastic and engaging writer. Seriously, to ma [...]

    5. Robert Massie's "Peter the Great: His life and World" has been a wonderful book to listen to, for me. The book is well researched and offers what is likely an accurate picture of an important figure in the History of Western Civilization. Before I get to deep into my romantic vision of what Massie has done here, let me say that this is first and foremost a text of history. It is almost 38 hour narrated as an audiobook and covers Peter's life in three segments, his rise to power, wars (mostly wit [...]

    6. Robert K. Massie won my heart with his book about Catherine the Great, so I definitely had to read the one about Peter as well. I cannot believe that I postponed it for so long. This will be one of the best books I've read this year. Massie writes in a clear and concise manner, spicing up the story with ample details which nonetheless never burden the line of narration. The book is perfectly suited both for serious history students as well as those of us who simply enjoy reading history. Indeed [...]

    7. Can one man raise a country from mud to glory? Yes, if its Peter, Tsar of Russia.Can one book capture the complexity of the people, the country and their first truly great leader who dragged the country kicking and screaming into the heart of European geopolitics?Yes. This is the book. One of the best works of narrative history ever. This is how history should come alive.

    8. (không phải là review)vài ghi nhớ:+ Pyotr Đại đế đã biến Nga từ chỗ một đất nước lạc hậu thành một đế quốc bằng cách học theo phương Tây. (Sau này, Nhật trở thành một đế quốc hùng cường cũng bằng cách học theo phương Tây.)+ Ông học cách đóng tàu của người Hà Lan, Anh và Venice. Học cách làm thương mại của người Hà Lan. Đích thân ông được cấp chứng chỉ đóng tàu chuyên môn. Nga [...]

    9. Having panned Massie's first book, Nicholas and Alexandria (1967), I have to congratulate him on this one, written thirteen years later: Peter the Great. However, I don't know as much about the period of Peter's life (1672-1725) as I did about Nicholas' (1868-1917) so some of the applause may be credited to my ignorance and credulousness, but I also think that Massie put more work into researching and writing this biography and that thirteen years, and several books, have made him a better write [...]

    10. I have always been fascinated by Russian history and decided that it was finally time to check this book out of the library. It wasn't that I didn't want to read it--I mean, it won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Biography--it was that every time I go to the library I emerge with an armload of books and, at over 900 pages, this book could literally inflict damage if it slipped from my grasp and fell. However, one day last week I ran into the library with four books that were in danger of being overd [...]

    11. It's been many years since I read this book, so I can't be terribly detailed, but I will tell you that this book is what led to my fascination with the Russian Tsars. It's beautifully detailed, providing not only the story of Peter the Great himself, but also all the other rulers with whom he interacted. The descriptions are beyond parallel. When I was reading it, I would think to myself, "I can actually smell the city." A truly amazing and enthralling book about history.My original edition was [...]

    12. Ένα από τα καλύτερα ιστορικά βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει. Ένα βιβλίο που δεν μας δίνει απλά μία βιογραφία του Μεγάλου Πέτρου αλλά ζωντανεύει μπροστά μας ολόκληρη την εποχή που έζησε. Είναι βέβαια αρκετά μεγάλο και παρέχει έναν ιδιαίτερα μεγάλο όγκο πληροφοριών, η μεθοδικότητά [...]

    13. YO. It took me 125 days to read 900+ dense pages of eighteenth-century Russian history and I have THOUGHTS. This book was a doorstopper—finishing it was probably one of my biggest reading achievements of the year (maybe even my lifetime). Had I picked up this book as an undergrad, I might have switched my major from English Literature to Russian History. Peter the Great was a force of nature, whose life was so completely violent, sensual, and epic that it could warrant its own HBO series. Ther [...]

    14. Excellent book about one of the towering figures (Peter I was 6'7") in world history. After reading this I have read many books about Peter, but this is still the best.

    15. If You were Peter the GreatYou would kill your sonBecause he had no interest in TsardomBecause you’d planted an autocrat seedAnd it grew into a common man treeAnd you couldn’t coerce it out of its natureSo you’d pull out the axTimber!Sap/blood flowing free[CRB] Robert K. Massie is not a fluent writer, and this 855 page tome of his was a bit of a haul. He does not have that easy flow you find in a McCulloch or Goodwin, or even of Henri Troyat, who did a great job on both Catherine the Great [...]

    16. When I started reading this 900-page tome, I said to my daughter that I can’t believe I’m reading 900 pages about Peter the Great. She laughed and said that she can. She knows me and my fascination with royalty well. I liked this just fine, but there were parts that dragged on quite a bit, specifically the lengthy and detailed war and battle parts. That sort of stuff bores me to no end. I was more interested in learning about him, his family, and lifestyle. Here is Peter the Great interrogat [...]

    17. Widely considered Robert K. Massie's magnum opus, "Peter the Great: His Life and World" is 855 pages of finely researched work. This being the third Massie book I've read, despite the greatness of this work, I still consider "Catherine the Great" Massie's finest.Male readers might appreciate the details outlined by Massie of the military campaigns led by Peter, while female readers like myself are more likely to appreciate the personal details and stories of this piece. While this may be a gener [...]

    18. Massie is massive, a mediocre writer, and padded. In some ways, I got a better sense of Charles XII of Sweden -- Peter's two-decade adversary -- than Peter himself. And it was criminal to omit maps of the progress of building St. Petersburg, his greatest achievement.Still, much to like, including a reasonably straight-forward chronology of his Peter's life and effect on the Russian nation. Written before the fall of the USSR, it's a bit out of date, and so I wonder how much more information migh [...]

    19. A tome to read for certain, but very well written and so much information. Amazing story and a great introduction to Modern Russian history for me.

    20. Incredible biography, bigger than life subject. The passages on England are even more revealing than the passages on Russia!

    21. WOW what a challenge to get through. It's not only that the book is big; I'm a fast reader, and I would say it took me about four days not counting the lengthy breaks between reading sessions. It's that much of the material is heavy reading. The guy forces his first wife into a convent and later has her son beaten to death, a fate which, I'm sure, rather affected how the two grandchildren felt about the Tsar. Charles the XII of Sweden invades Russia; his army sustains itself partly by hanging li [...]

    22. Robert Massie is a master of historical narrative, and here he turns his attention to a subject fully deserving of his exhaustive style. Crowned Tsar at the age of ten, Peter the Great single-handedly pulled his country out of the backwater malaise in which it was mired, and placed it squarely in the center of the European picture, where it has remained to this day. Peter's forceful personality is given plenty of room to present itself through the book. In his early twenties, he traveled through [...]

    23. No matter how small the magnitude, change is almost always met with resistance. This can be observed even in the parlance of our lives in both the personal and professional arenas. That is also why change management is such a big thing for corporates. Ironing out all the repercussions of a change means quite a lot of work and a lot of back and forth between the parties involved. If we step outside the microcosm of our lives and expand this aspect of change to the scale of a nation state, then th [...]

    24. After reading this book, it is impossible to deny that "the Great" is a well-earned title for Peter. Massie's very readable biography illustrates how one remarkable man almost singlehandedly pulled Russia from the dark ages right into the middle of the European theater. It would take an entire book for me to even list all the reasons this man was so remarkable (but hey, that's why you should read this one!). One of Massie's greatest strengths as a biographer is his ability to place his character [...]

    25. 80 days to finish this, with a number of other books finished in the meanwhile. I came to this book looking for a slice of Peter the Great, but Robert Massie is not the kind of person to serve up a half-measure of anything. Instead of a quick dish I could sample, Massie sets the table with all of the Renaissance accouterments, the 50 course meal, the kegs of kvass and bottles (and bottles and bottles) of vodka, with the mock Tsar presiding, Charles XII rampaging across the hall, and the illumina [...]

    26. There is plenty of five-star material in this. When the author gets into Peter's head through his dealings with his expectations for his son or his intimate, playful banter with his wife, his writing is really special. When he backs up to put Peter in the context of the 18th century by comparing him to other rulers who were also autocratic and even brutal when necessary but get better press because their homelands aren't as mysterious as Russia, his writing is special. Peter bolts off the page a [...]

    27. Note: The above rating should be 3 1/2 stars.Often, monarchs are given titles (or, more accurately, give themselves titles) that are grandiose and exaggerated. Not in the case. Peter of Russia was truly "Great". He singlehandedly brought Russia out of its Dark Ages (although there was still much work to be done), introduced the new Russia to Europe, who heretofore had thought of Russians as slightly humanized bears, and introduced many, many "modern" inventions, strategies, statecraft, and ideas [...]

    28. In the All-Russian contest “Name of Russia”, aimed to elect the most notable personality in Russian history by voting via the Internet, radio and television Peter I finished fifth. Ahead of another person who radically altered the destiny of Russia after him – Vladimir Lenin. The guy who brought here Christianity – Prince Vladimir I – and the guy responsible for the downfall of the USSR - Mikhail Gorbachev – didn’t even make it to Top 50 (though Boris Yeltsin did). This illustrates [...]

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