Timbuktu Mr Bones the canine hero of Paul Auster s astonishing new book is the sidekick and confidant of Willy G Christmas a brilliant and troubled homeless man from Brooklyn As Willy s body slowly expires

  • Title: Timbuktu
  • Author: Paul Auster
  • ISBN: 9780312263997
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mr Bones, the canine hero of Paul Auster s astonishing new book, is the sidekick and confidant of Willy G Christmas, a brilliant and troubled homeless man from Brooklyn As Willy s body slowly expires, he sets off with Mr Bones for Balti in search of his high school English teacher and a new home for his companion Mr Bones is our witness during their journey, andMr Bones, the canine hero of Paul Auster s astonishing new book, is the sidekick and confidant of Willy G Christmas, a brilliant and troubled homeless man from Brooklyn As Willy s body slowly expires, he sets off with Mr Bones for Balti in search of his high school English teacher and a new home for his companion Mr Bones is our witness during their journey, and out of his thoughts, Paul Auster has spun one of the richest, most compelling tales in American fiction.

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    1. Paul Auster

      Paul Auster is the bestselling author of Report from the Interior, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Invisible, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works He has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, the Prix M dicis tranger, the Independent Spirit Award, and the Premio Napoli He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commandeur de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He lives in Brooklyn, New Yorkul auster

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    1. Mr. Bones is living a dog’s life. He is almost a peer to his master Willy G. Christmas. Willy is a kind-hearted, but damaged man, a child of holocaust survivors. Given to delusions, and writing poetry, he is homeless and in failing health. The road trip here is a walking journey to Baltimore, home to Bea Swanson, beloved high school teacher. He wants to offer to her his mass of unpublished writings, and to find Mr. Bones a home before his swan song. According to Willy, on the other side of dea [...]

    2. 70. Timbuktu, Paul Austerتیمبوکتو - پل استر (افق)ادبیاتعنوان: تیمبوکتو؛ نویسنده: پل استر؛ مترجم: شهرزاد لولاچی؛ ویراستار: لیلا نبیفر؛ تهران، افق، 1385؛ در 190 ص؛ شابک: 9643692922؛ چاپ دیگر: 1395؛ در 208 ص؛ شابک: 9786003532632؛ فروست: ادبیات امروز؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریگائی قرن 20 متیمبوکتو داستان ز [...]

    3. At its worst, this novella is a prolonged & sorrowful swan song. An existential meditation. At its peak however, it remains a radical exercise in stream-of-consciousness narration. Although reminiscent of Virginia Woolf at her most coherent, it's a relief to have a book that does not require trips to the ever-faithful dictionary. And gratefully, this work is not rife with pretensions-galore (a-la "Book of Illusions" which is thankfully newly off the 1001 Best Books List) and has the amount o [...]

    4. Marvelous book. Look, if you are a dog owner, or have been or love dogs you have to read this book. I don't think dog books usually work, but this one does. You are in the head of a dog, Mr. Bones. You say, “It just cannot be good!” but I swear it is. Mr. Bones is a scruffy dog. He has a hard life, all sorts of different owners. His first owner was Willy, a bit of a tramp but he had hard times, and then he died. Seven "good" years with Willy, but life goes onunless, unless he can get back to [...]

    5. Μια βαθια συγκινητικη ιστορια μεσα απο τα ματια ενος σκυλου που αποχωριζεται απο το αφεντικο του οταν εκεινος χανει τη ζωη του.ετσι ο τετραποδος πρωταγωνιστης πρεπει να ξαναβρει ενα νεο αφεντικο , μια ασφαλεια και την αγαπη που του πηραν βιαιαομως οπως αναφερεται και μεσα [...]

    6. Who saw "Old Yeller?" Who cried when Old Yeller got shot at the end?Nobody cried when Old Yeller got shot? I cried my eyes out.* ----- ----- ----- ----- -----And you will fall for Mr. Bones too, as you see the world through his eyes. Or maybe his snout. There is, indeed, a Symphony of Smells within, and other assorted delights. (Some plot spoiling follows.)Mr. Bones is smart, as dogs go. He knows what you're saying and is frustrated that he can't speak back. Woóf! Woóf! Woóf! He is loyal, and [...]

    7. Stop Press!This is not your typical Paul Auster book. This is what Paul Auster books would be like if he suddenly decided the murky world of convoluted, maze-like po-mo literature was not for him and thought "I know, I'll write a nice book for children." Except this is a nice a book for adults. I was suckered in by the picture of the moist-eyed dog on the cover and the fact that this is on the 1001 books to read before you die list meant that of course I was going to read it. I'm pretty sure thi [...]

    8. من که به شدت باهاش حال کردم. اگه ترجمه اش بی اشکال بود پنچ ستاره هم بهش می دادم. خلاصه اینکه واسه من اثر کلاسیکی شد. فعلا این بهترین کتابیه که از استر خوندم؛ بخور و نمیر و کشور آخرین ها بعد از این کتاب قرار می گیرندقبل از ورود به بحث ترجمه باید تأکید کنم ترجمه علی رغم مشکلاتش اصلا [...]

    9. I have had this book on my shelves for a number of years, but despite being a fan of many of Auster's books, I had failed to read it due to the premise of it being written from the point of view of a dog-ludicrous surely? When I saw the book available as Audible's Daily Deal for $3 I thought it was worth checking to see if this was the case, and I'm pleased to say that it was quite the opposite.As a massive dog lover, it quickly became apparent that I was going to empathise with the character of [...]

    10. I read this book in 2012 but didn't post a review at that time. This book has come to mind quite a bit recently as whenever I've been asked about my favourite books it keeps springing to mind. Must be telling me something!I'm a dog owner and dog lover and I think this is pertinent given this tale (or maybe I should have used the alternative spelling in this case) is told through the eyes of the four legged Mr Bones. In truth, I believe this book wouldn't have quite the same impact for anyone not [...]

    11. Iako se čini malo zbrzanom na kraju, ova priča nije bliska samo ljudima koji svoje živote dele sa psima (popularne kerovodje; njima/nama je samo nekako sladje, draže) već i svima ostalima, pa i onim jereticima sa mačkama. Ima tu što šta da se nadje: jedan impresivan monolog, jedna stara duša u psećem telu i (nekako setan) smisao za humor, ali i (nekako setnu) emociju.4

    12. ماجرای آشنایی با این کتاب برمی گردد به ریویوی آقای شربیانی آنجا که نوشته بودند :" تیمبوکتو داستان زندگی سگی به نام مستربونز است که از صاحبش ویلی می آموزد که دنیایی به نام "تیمبوکتو" وجود دارد؛ جایی که افراد بعد از مرگ به آنجا می روند. " و این که " کتاب حاضر یکی از آثار متفاوت پل است [...]

    13. In essence, this book seems to be about society's downtroddene invisible, forgettable outcasts. Willy G. Christmas' story shows the human outcast side, while Mr. Bones' story tells the stray's side of the story. These two characters aren't a part of our society but they have a lot to give and contribute. We just don't see it. Willy's poems and stories are (presumably & suggestively) tossed and unread; Mr. Bones' loyalty and love isn't accepted or seen after Willy's departure. He's at the mer [...]

    14. TimbuktuBy Paul Auster4 starspp. 181Timbuktu is a slim book and yet is a deeply affecting tale with Paul Auster’s wonderful prose. Mr. Bones, the hero of the tale is a Heinz 57 variety pooch who understands Ingloosh and is owned by Willie G. Christmas, who is a homeless bard who means to spread the gospel of Christmas around the country but sometimes becomes trapped in fits of psychosis and alcoholism.I love the way that Auster develops Mr. Bones’ character. I was able to see how truly preca [...]

    15. Aπό τα καλύτερα βιβλία του Ώστερ που έχω διαβάσει, μια ιστορία μέσα από τα μάτια (και τη φωνή) ενός σκύλου. Συγκινητικότατο.

    16. Una lettura velocissima, si termina con un giorno.Una bella favola raccontata da Auster con una morale evidente, ma che è sempre bene ricordare: l'amore incondizionato degli animali (di un cane nello specifico) è uno dei doni più preziosi ai quali una persona può aspirare. La fedeltà integerrima di Mr. Bones permane anche dopo il trapasso del suo vecchio padrone. Una fedeltà che varca il tempo e supera la morte, nell'attesa e nella speranza di un ricongiungimento definitivo con il compagno [...]

    17. A nice tale that really reminded me the style in his other book, Mr. Vertigo which I really loved. Auster could have written a full length novel here with Mr. Bones as a wonderful lead character but instead we got only a small portion of his story.

    18. Using third-person omniscient narrative voice but through a point of view of a dog Auster gives us an account of a personal tragedy of a dying vagabond schizophrenic poet Willy G. Christmas and his only friend and confidant Mr Bones, his old faithful.The novella opens with Willy's imminent death and a struggle to find his old schoolteacher to entrust her with his writing and to ask her to find Bones a new home.None of his efforts, however, yields success; Willy passes on leaving Bones on his own [...]

    19. It's rare that I feel indifferent about a Paul Auster novel. They inspire in me either wonderment or intense dislike. The New York Trilogy changed the way I read books. Travels in the Scriptorium remains one of the few books thrown by my hand. While Timbuktu didn't quite muster up enough feeling to risk pulling my arm out of socket once again, it certainly falls on the terrible side of Auster's work. Really, it's strange to me that this is even a book he wrote. It's so un-Auster-like. There are [...]

    20. Maravilloso. Me habían dicho que Paul Auster no era de lo más fácil para leer, pero mi primera experiencia con él resultó maravillosa. Una novela corta y aparentemente simple acerca de los humanos vistos a través de un perro adorable, Mr Bones. Pero creo que es mucho más que eso. Es una gran reflexión acerca de la amistad, la lealtad, los valores humanos y, en última instancia, el sentido de la vida. Will, después Henry y al final la familia Jones, son tres aspectos de la humanidad que [...]

    21. در مقایسه با کتاب های دیگر آستر مثل سه گانه ی نیویورک، کشور آخرین ها و هیولا این کتاب به یک شوخی تینیجری شبیه بود. نمیدانم جایی خواندم یا از کسی شنیدم که آستر این داستان را برای دختر(یا پسر) خودش وقتی که سگ خانواده آستر(اسپارکی) در حال مرگ بوده نوشته و با توجه به اینکه در سه گانه ه [...]

    22. 2.5/5Sinceramente, no sabemos qué estaba pensando el autor a la hora de escribir un libro tan básico. No es que sea una mala novela, puesto que resulta agradable de leer, pero tampoco buena, puesto que se nota vacía de contenido: un libro que deja mucho que desear a muchos niveles. Reseña completa:libros-prohibidos/paul

    23. Yıllar var ki bir kitapla sabahlamamıştımr köpeğin gözlerinden insanlığımızı(!), aidiyetmi sorgulayarak tekrar izledim. Karanlik ve tekinsiz bir sokak arasinda, avuçlarımda saklanılası altın sikkeker gibi gözyaşlarim. saat sabahın 5i

    24. I really enjoyed this. Not a peekaboo pomo mind fucker, not an overblown lament. A sincerely good story told from the view of a dog and his wonderfully crackpot owner. I got into it.

    25. Linda fábula sobre la relación entre el ser humano y el perro. Más allá de eso, Tombuctú termina por ser una reflexión sobre la vulnerabilidad y la relación con los otros, sobre la vida y la posibilidad de los demás en la misma. A la larga, el relato de Mr. Bones versa sobre la incapacidad para vivir luego de que el mundo propio se ha visto extinto: en su caso, el hecho de ver que su amo (Willy Christmass, poeta hippie y errante) ha muerto, implica por transformar totalmente la vida de B [...]

    26. کتابی متفاوت از زبان یک سگ به اسم مستر جون ارزش خوندن رو داره:)

    27. A while back I began a “project” to re-read all the works of Paul Auster. After a break of several months, I’m back to doing so, and just finished reading Timbuktu from 1999. If you count The New York Trilogy as three novels, then Timbuktu is his ninth. And while Auster has been my favorite male American novelist for over two decades, I’d be the first to admit that his work is generally not very emotional, but rather more stark and ascetic. Many of his previous novels rely on somewhat fo [...]

    28. Are you in the mood for something sentimental? How about a book on the sadness of a dog's existence? Paul Auster has taken a simple idea to a whole other level of reality and in the process has created a work that would transform human perception of the average canine awareness. Yet, I have to say the story was a bit much for me to swallow. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs (heck, I wrote `The Basenji Revelation' after all) and sometimes I wonder what they feel, think and dream. I had a dog and kn [...]

    29. I stumbled upon this book at a used book store when I was trading in some older material. This was a pleasurable treasure to find.The book is told omniscient narrator, but it follows the life and thoughts of Mr. Bones, a loyal and loveable canine. Willy G. Christmas is old Bonesy's master. Willy suffers from schizophrenia, but using the dog as the central character creates a unique way to look at his master's condition.This book is a pretty simple read, but Auster fills each page with subtle ins [...]

    30. Wat heb ik dit graag gelezen. Getipt door ex-collega Ielse (dikke merci!), gelezen in iets te veel stukken en brokken naar mijn goesting, maar wel genoten en zo vaak geglimlacht. Heel plezant om eens een boek te lezen waarin het hoofdpersonage geen mens is, maar een hond. En dan nog zo'n intelligente hond! <3 Mr. Bones zal me bijblijven, dat weet ik nu al.“ he had understood that memory was a place, a real place that one could visit, and that to spend a few moments among the dead was not ne [...]

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